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Page Reporter Error
27 Nikola Bunjevac The label on the horizontal axis of the graph should be "seconds".
63 Mark Bolstad In the paragraph starting "As a more realistic example...", both instances of "1/4" should be "1/2".
91 Tomáš Král In the displayed math at the bottom of the page, the first component of the first vector should be 1-\frac{v_x^2}{1+v_z} and the second component of the second vector should be 1-\frac{v_y^2}{1+v_z}.
94 Nikola Bunjevac The second "implementation" at the end of the sentence at the bottom of the page should be deleted.
105 Nikola Bunjevac In the numerator of the right hand side of equation 3.6, "(b \times b)" should be "(b \times c)".
111 Tristan Scheidemann In the right-hand side of the second line of the first displayed equation, "u" and "v" should be swapped.
192 Wentao Liu In the first line below equation 4.26, "S(\lambda) = \pm 1" should be "S(\lambda)=0 or 1".
231 Wentao Liu In the first line of the third paragraph, "perpendicular" should be "parallel".
335 Bill Heelan In the third line of the fifth paragraph, "path" should be "patch".
408 Bill Heelan In the first line of the fourth paragraph, "note" should be "node".
564 Jeff Mahovsky At the bottom of the page, “factor F or T” should probably be “factor R or T”.
704 Jeff Mahovsky In the first line of the page "due to in scattering" should be deleted.